Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT: PoroCity

On May 2 & 3 you can visit TILT’s PoroCity in Frascate, Amsterdam. PoroCity takes the audience on a journey through the labyrinth of stages, backstage spaces, offices and hallways.


18:30 & 21:30
a performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

an extended version of the installation based on Ganzfeld effect (no space experience)
by Andrea Božić, Julia Willms and Robert Pravda

a sound installation by Robert Pravda

(following the 18:30 performance)
two evenings of talks with invited guests

2 May: Dream Logic
what if we take organic structures, such as the dream logic seriously
to re-think our relationship to our environment:
the structures that we build, the nature and each other?

3 May: Urban Environment and Mental mapping
how can we re-imagine our urban environment departing from
an organic approach to space?

PoroCity by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT is a performance as a journey based on mapping dreams into special architectural locations. The familiar but elusive logic of dreams merges with everyday reality and, in their overlap, a third space emerges – a porous space we do not know yet. A space where anything is possible.

PoroCity weaves the dreams collected from various people into a larger dream narrative. Two performers alias ‘dreamers’ lead the audience through a labyrinth of spaces and map the dreams as though they take place in the here and now. PoroCity moves through a series of special architectural buildings as a living organism, in Amsterdam and further, such as Burgerweeshuis designed by Aldo van Eyck, Frascati Theatre and other iconic locations. Each location is a unique experience where the dreams, the location, the building, the audience and the space itself are woven into each other and become part of the performance. The whole series becomes a performance in itself: a unique journey through the city.

Until spring 2019, PoroCity will appear on a series of special and unexpected locations in Amsterdam, Netherlands and internationally.

Upcoming tour dates:
2 & 3 May Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam (18:30 & 21:30)
22-24 June 2018 Burgerweeshuis in collaboration with GET LOST Art Route, Amsterdam
20-22 July Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam
September Huis Frankendael, Amsterdam
15-16 February 2019 La Casa Encendida, Madrid
23 February 2019 Theater Ins Blau, Leiden

photo © Thomas Lenden

Marci Panis doet mee aan 24H Oost op zaterdag 12 mei

In 2018 vindt de eerste editie van 24H Amsterdam plaats in Oost op zaterdag 12 mei. Of je nu creatief of sportief bent, van muziek, architectuur of lekker eten en drinken houdt, laidback of leergierig bent, er is voor iedereen wat te beleven! Het programma in onze eigen bruisende broedplaats is hier te vinden. Er is in Marci Panis van 14:00–17:00 uur doorlopend wat te doen en te zien voor jong en oud en je kunt ook zelf aan de slag: circustrucs leren, muziek maken en rondkijken bij kunstenaars als Erik Lindner, Coralie Vogelaar en Hansje van Halem, die laat zien hoe haar tekenrobot werkt. Het hele programma van 24H Oost is te bekijken op de website van 24H Oost.

Nieuwe podcast van Anik See

Radiomaakster Anik See heeft een nieuwe podcast over de danseres Elizabeth Langley, geproduceerd voor ABC The History Listens. Te beluisteren via

Ze schrijft: ‘Elizabeth Langley’s life has spanned nine decades, two hemispheres and too many performances to count. A celebrated Australian-Canadian dancer, Elizabeth trained in Manhattan during the early 1960s and later developed a contemporary dance program in Montreal, where she continues to live today. She’s lead a life dedicated to creative expression, brimmed with wisdom, and has not one ounce of regret. On the eve of her 85th birthday, she hasn’t slowed down one bit, and still lives life to its fullest.’

Siree van der Velde in de Skybox

Op dit moment laat Siree van der Velde een stilleven groeien in de Skybox – het oude conciergehokje in de hal van Marci Panis. (Ook wel eens de kleinste tentoonstellingsruimte van Amsterdam genoemd). Bij de opening/finissage op 13 april om 17:00 uur wordt het stilleven geoogst. Wees welkom.