Studio for rent in Marci Panis (2nd floor)

Studio 2D will be available from the 1st of July 2024 onwards in Broedplaats voor (Podium)Kunsten Marci Panis. 

Marci Panis
Marci Panis is an association for theatre and visual arts. The building consists of 30 studios and rehearsal spaces, a nursery, a guest house for artists, and a restaurant. All members at Marci Panis, artists, theatre makers, writers and designers, are actively committed to the building and the co-tenants. Every member has an active roll within the building, for example, being part of the accountancy or maintenance commission. Please note that you are expected to invest some time in tasks like these, to maintain or improve the association.

Marci Panis is located at the Marcusstraat 52, in Amsterdam.

Studio 2D
The studio is ca. 40 m2 and situated on the second floor, at the backside of the building. There is a kitchen and toilet on the same floor. This studio used to be a bigger studio, which was split into several units later on, therefore the walls are quite thin and not sound proof. Because of this reason, this studio is suited for artists who have a practise that does not involve making a lot of noise. This is an important aspect that will be taken into consideration in the application process. 

Rent: € 255,72 per month (excl. BTW)*
Service costs: € 100,63 per month (excl. BTW)
Total (monthly): € 365,35 (excl. BTW)

+ Inleggeld € 20,- (per person, per month)

Deposit: € 511,44 (excl. BTW)
Key deposit: € 50,- (per set of keys)

*The rent will increase (by about €14,83) with the annual rate of inflation (5.8%) from 1 July 2024. Hence, the two-month deposit will also increase (by about €29,66). The exact numbers still need to be calculated. 

Every month, each tenant pays € 20 ‘input money’. This can be earned back by performing activities for the association, for example by taking a seat on the board or carrying out committee work.

How to apply
If you are interested, please send an email before the 19th of May to

– a clear motivation 
– a description of your professional practice and daily activities 
– your CV 

Note: All tenants are members of the Marci Panis association and must have a VAT number (excluding writers).