Federico Bonelli


My expertise is creative research, a term without boundaries.
I have a theoretical background as philosopher of science, I studied mathematics, history of science and art. I cultivate practical skills along with my major interests and have experiences in different fields of multimedia research and creation. Lately i prefere to work with people than with computers. I write, direct and consult as freelance dramaturg.

I have been building and managing of creative teams for new media productions since 1995. My main archivement so far was to set a joint development project with Philips Research in 2005 over the idea of generative paintings and generative content creating strategies. The project was called “protoquadro” and a presentation is to be found here: www.philips.com/protoquadro. The project is still more or less alive, and custom made Protoquadros can be ordered and bought via Philips. I am because of this still active as a still photographer

At present time I am running a project for performance research called trasformatorio.

I have first hand experience in film set and production and workflow, either on digital (RED or HD) and on 35″ film, that covers all phases, from pre production to postproduction. I have worked as line producer and location scouting/manager.
– Producer (Isle of the Dead, symphonic cinema concept, Certo film, 2011)
– Line Producer (VLEES, responsable for film print)
– Direct Sound recording: Crepuscule (in selection Rotterdam Film Festival 2009), Meat (selection Rotterdam Film Festival 2010, prize for cinematography Gotham film festival New York et. al.)

I direct and write short films that you can find on my vimeo channel:

  • Guglielmo Tell 11 anni dopo (HD)
  • l’Uovo, 2010 (D90 photo camera)
  • The White People (2010 RED Camera)
  • Kaos 2007 (DV)
  • Doppio Nero 2008 (DVCAM)

and some other…

I have been the initiator and artistic director of mini-festival concepts called cinema solubile (www.cinemasolubile.net played 8 times, now the site is temporary offline) and radio oltranzista (www.radioltranzista.net played 2 times)


  • 2012 Supernova #3, Opening event, Museum Night Amsterdam,
    Dramaturgy and concept development, choreography by Gabriella Maiorino.
  • 2012 Supernova #1 &#2 Over het Ij festival
    Dramaturgy and concept development, choreography by Gabriella Maiorino.
  • 2011 Umbra Solis #3, Sotto la Radice, Melkweg theater
    direction and concept, Choreography by Benedetta Mazzotti
  • 2010 Umbra Solis #2, Le Furie, La Mama New York
    direction and concept, Choreography by Benedetta Mazzotti
  • 2009 Umbra Solis #1, Offucina Festival, Spoleto
    direction and concept, Choreography by Benedetta Mazzotti

Film Direction, Production, Dramaturgy;
Multi Media Analysis, Project Management;
Creative Research;
Visual Design, Photography, Visual and Projection Design, Audio and Video Streaming, Interactive Media, Web; Unconventional Media Design;

Sustainability, location theater, good old chatarsis and XV century esoteric extravaganza

I am a free thinker, I like to play bass and stumble on gtrs, aikido and to cook good meals for friends…