Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT: PoroCity

On May 2 & 3 you can visit TILT’s PoroCity in Frascate, Amsterdam. PoroCity takes the audience on a journey through the labyrinth of stages, backstage spaces, offices and hallways.


18:30 & 21:30
a performance by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms

an extended version of the installation based on Ganzfeld effect (no space experience)
by Andrea Božić, Julia Willms and Robert Pravda

a sound installation by Robert Pravda

(following the 18:30 performance)
two evenings of talks with invited guests

2 May: Dream Logic
what if we take organic structures, such as the dream logic seriously
to re-think our relationship to our environment:
the structures that we build, the nature and each other?

3 May: Urban Environment and Mental mapping
how can we re-imagine our urban environment departing from
an organic approach to space?

PoroCity by Andrea Božić and Julia Willms | TILT is a performance as a journey based on mapping dreams into special architectural locations. The familiar but elusive logic of dreams merges with everyday reality and, in their overlap, a third space emerges – a porous space we do not know yet. A space where anything is possible.

PoroCity weaves the dreams collected from various people into a larger dream narrative. Two performers alias ‘dreamers’ lead the audience through a labyrinth of spaces and map the dreams as though they take place in the here and now. PoroCity moves through a series of special architectural buildings as a living organism, in Amsterdam and further, such as Burgerweeshuis designed by Aldo van Eyck, Frascati Theatre and other iconic locations. Each location is a unique experience where the dreams, the location, the building, the audience and the space itself are woven into each other and become part of the performance. The whole series becomes a performance in itself: a unique journey through the city.

Until spring 2019, PoroCity will appear on a series of special and unexpected locations in Amsterdam, Netherlands and internationally.

Upcoming tour dates:
2 & 3 May Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam (18:30 & 21:30)
22-24 June 2018 Burgerweeshuis in collaboration with GET LOST Art Route, Amsterdam
20-22 July Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam
September Huis Frankendael, Amsterdam
15-16 February 2019 La Casa Encendida, Madrid
23 February 2019 Theater Ins Blau, Leiden

photo © Thomas Lenden

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